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Our Story

Welcome to our story, My name is David, and this page is to give you a background of how Ultrasonic Marine Sweden AB became a reality.


I have had boats or Jetskis most of my life; in southern England, where I grew up, my parents also had a boat. Because of the high tide and extremely expensive moorings, most small boat owners kept their boat on land and launched it when needed, antifouling was never a problem or needed.


When I met my Swedish wife and eventually moved to Sweden, her parents also owned a small boat on the west coast, which we used during the summer. This boat was moored in a small harbour outside of Göteborg, I was amazed how the barnacles quickly attached themselves to the hull of the boat, and only hard scrapping would remove them. Even using antifouling paint did little to stop the growth. Around the year 1998, I purchased my own boat, a small Ryds 510 GT, every year I painted the bottom of the boat, and every year, I ended up scrapping off the growth of barnacles; some years it was so bad that the boat had problems getting up on the plane, during these times the petrol consumption increased dramatically.

In 2013, I purchased a Uttern s64 4,3 MPI (220hk), a fantastic day cruiser, and even though I painted the hull with antifouling paint every year, those darn barnacles kept growing.

In 2019, I was reading an article on ultrasonic antifouling and decided to try it for myself, I purchased a very cheap unit made in China and sold in Australia; I installed it myself on my newly painted boat and put the boat in the water for the summer, excited to see if this actually worked.

During the summer, I noticed that the algae build-up was slower; as the algae tried to grow on the hull, the ultrasonic pulses were stopping it, but it did leave a brown residue, which could be wiped off easily or even removed by just using the boat, but the main difference was there was a drastic reduction of barnacles! The boat ran better, I could get up on the plane quicker, it was saving petrol, and it was environmentally friendly.


Talking to other boat owners, it seemed this technology was little known here in Sweden, I found one company in Sweden selling to the Swedish market, but the price of the unit was extremely high. There were, of course, other companies around the world selling ultrasonic units, which you could buy off the internet, but most people would prefer to buy from a Swedish company with all the benefits it brings. 

I decided to research the different units available on the market and the possibility of bringing this technology to the Swedish market.

During this time, my cheap Chinese unit stopped working, and with no chance of returning the unit or repairing it, I decided to purchase a new unit based on the research I had done. I installed the new Hull Shield HD-1 on my boat, and within the first few weeks, I noticed an improvement: even less algae residue buildup and no barnacles.

And so Ultrasonic Marine Sweden AB was born, specifically to help boat owners to realise there is technology out there that does work. UMSAB became an agent for Hull Shield in Sweden.


To make the units afordable to small boat owners I decided to keep the end sale price as low as possible.

If you would like to know more or discuss how the units will be installed in your boat you are welcome to contact me by email.


About me:

My background is in sales, when moving to Sweden I worked for 18 years with a Swedish company in business development, was CEO for 4 years and chairman of the board for 5 years, at 63 years old I decided to go to half pension and work with something I have a passion for, boats.

Our Story:

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